Learn Guitar From Bradley Tatum Teaching Music to Bainbridge Island



"Bradley is the rare gem of a teacher parents seek for their children. My daughter started guitar with him in middle school after playing violin. He met her at her level of interest, asking her what kind of music she was into & what she wanted to learn. His approach is personal & caters to the student, not formulaic, dry & wrote. She learns theory as well as technique. Bradley’s approach is integrated, not boring. Bradley’s teaching style is passionate & that is what inspires people to learn. From guitar to bass to drums & music theory, they get it all! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a mentor & ally Bradley is to a developing mind, accepting, non-judgmental & kind."
Tamah Burke

"I have been a guitar student with Bradley now for a little over two years. I am retired and in my early 70's and decided to restart playing music after letting it go while I was in college. I had some concerns that our generational difference would be a problem but Brad turned out to be a perfect fit for me. He "got me" really quickly and understood what I was about, and has moved me along better than I ever expected. He strikes a nice balance between challenging and encouraging as well as equal time with music theory and playing technique. I would encourage any older potential student to sign on with him and get practicing."
Dr. Steven Fey

"Bradd has been a patient and kind teacher to my son since he started guitar at age 10. Bradd's encouragement, fun nature, and knowledge of technique has helped spark my son's interest in music and his desire to hone his skills. He has a great manner and approach that works well with musicians in this age group."
Cindy Vandersluis

"Bradd has been our music teacher for several years. He has taught guitar and drums to our boys. Both boys really enjoy Bradd and his approach to music and look forward to lessons to show him what they have practiced or made up in the way of a beat or a song. Our kids learn very differently and yet they both have made incredible strides in their music. My oldest son has gone through many fazes and has now arrived at a place where he is passionate about playing. We are in awe of his ability and often sit out side his door just to hear him play. We credit it all to Bradd. My youngest is fantastic on the drums and has now started to learn guitar. My husband and I will bop around the house while he plays his beats. Bradd has the look and feel of a true musician which my boys were instantly drawn to and he has an incredible way with kids and can teach to all kinds. For us there is no better music teacher for our boys. Thank you Bradd for your creative teaching and inspiration."
Jim and Laura Plourde. Parents of Logan age 11, and Taylor age 9.

"We found Bradd through an ad on Island Moms and by far he has been the perfect fit for my 6 1/2 year old daughter, Ashleigh. Ashleigh is extremely shy and quiet and it takes her a while to warm up to people. Ashleigh now has extended family in Bradd and his family! Oh and you can't forget his dog Joey! When we found out that Bradd was going to be doing some traveling we were just crushed because our families had bonded and Ashleigh had turned into a completely different person around Bradd and his family, dogs included and her guitar playing skills had just exploded other than the regular complaint of burning fingers which meant that Bradd was doing his job as a great teacher and Ashleigh's fingers were doing a great job of learning what Bradd was teaching her! Bradd had given me 2 names of teachers that he was passing his students to when he was going to be doing his traveling and something told me to just hold onto those names, but not call them just yet. I am so glad I chose to do that because there is only one Bradd Tatum in this world and we had already found him and just weren't happy or comfortable going with anyone else! Now that she knows that Bradd has come back and is going to be teaching again she is just bouncing off the walls to start right back up again! Ashleigh's request when she went in to her first lesson was to learn how to play like Hannah Montana and I am pretty confident that is still her goal so we will be with Bradd for a long time to come before that happens, but I am confident with practice and continued lessons with Bradd she will eventually get there!"
Emily Jensen - Mother of Ashleigh, age 6.

"Before we met Bradd, our son had taken music lessons with 2 other teachers and various instruments, each experience resulting in one very unmotivated student. Because of this, we had very low expectations that Bradd would have much success instilling a love of guitar in our finicky 8 year old. On his first lesson, our son immediately connected with Bradd and one year later, he continues to be inspired and challenge himself. We think because of Bradd, it's safe to say he has found the instrument he'll want to play for years to come. What a difference a great teacher makes!! Linda, mom of the finicky 9 year old"
Linda, mother of 9 year old student

"Bradd's teaching style appeals to us and our son because it's respectful first and foremost, flexible and fun. Bradd allows his students to actively participate in the process of learning music, by adapting to individual learning styles. We all know pressuring children to learn music because of all it's wonderful benefits doesn't work with most of today's youth. They often wind up dropping it as soon as they can. Our intention is to foster a lifelong love of music and Bradd fits into this picture perfectly."
Caroline Krugel - Mother of Jon, age 10.

"We greatly appreciate Bradd's attentive yet casual teaching style - it helps keep our daughter relaxed but focused during her lessons. She was so excited and proud to get her guitar "homework", and I was so glad he recognized her need to carry on the lessons at home aside from just practising playing. Being only five, I was worried she would end up either overwhelmed and wanting to give up, or not being given the opportunity to truly engage in the learning (using her new found reading/writing/dexterity skills) and continue in her enjoyment of the music. Once we went to our first lesson with Bradd it is obvious he can strike the middle ground and provide just enough of a challenge while keeping it fun and age-appropriate. His teaching style and diverse musical background ensure that he will be seeing our younger two children once they are old enough to play. We are so grateful that he and his wife have returned to the Island, and we look forward to watching our daughter expand her musical horizons with Bradd's support!"
Nikki and Billy Lounsbury Parents of Ariel, age 5.

"Bradd is a great teacher that goes at the pace that you want to learn at/ that you are comfortable with."
Anna Cinamon

"We're so lucky to have connected with Bradd! He makes music theory so fun and interesting. We've learned so much and are having a great time."
Robin Cinamon

"Bradd has a great depth of talent both as a musician and as an instructor. He brings a wealth of knowledge of music form and structure which he delivers in a friendly, come-as-you-are, upbeat attitude. I came as a 52 year-old complete novice to the guitar, my last music lesson was in 3rd grade with the cello. After 12 lessons with Bradd I was jamming with Eric Clapton - in my dreams of course. Truly Bradd is a wonderful instrument for helping you shape dreams into reality at least as far as music is concerned."
Chris Gutsche